• NEW Revolution

    Floor Scrubber Robot

    Automation leads the world change


    MAX is the smartest commercial cleaning floor robot on the market. Once a cleaning schedule is programmed, MAX can run AUTOMATICALLY! MAX makes cleaning more efficient.

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    Make the cleaning job more efficient



    • Front Vacuum System – Collect dust, hair etc before the scrubber
    • Double Disc (Dual Brush) – Cleaning width 60cm
    • Concentric Circle Squeegee System – Avoid dirty water spilling out
    • Water Tank System – Separate solution and recovery tanks

    Compared to a traditional mop, the MAX robot can save users up to 82% water usage.

  • Products

    Automation leads the world change.

  • 3 in ONE

    Vacuum, Scrubber and

    vacuum squeegee

    Indoor Localization

    accuracy rate ±5cm

    Environment Sensing

    Human-Robot Collaboration


    AI Route Planning

    According to Customers’ needs,

    Robot can plan the cleaning route


    Eco Mode

    Able to reduce 82% water

    Usage (compare to tradition

    cleaning way)

    Long battery life

    Up to 3 hours usage time,

    and battery performance

    in battery life