MAX - Floor Scrubber Robot

The MAX Industrial Robotic Floor Cleaning Robot is capable of Vacuuming, Washing and Squeegeeing your floors. It is ideal for large areas of hard flooring, including Hospitals, Universities and Schools, Airports, Convention Centres, Shopping Centres, Entertainment Venues, Sports Arenas, Theatres, Museums and more.
More Details

MAX is easy to operate. It can:

  • Define a Cleaning Area – the User can define the cleaning area by a simple click and circle on a site map
  • Define a Job Site – the User can define different functions for a job site such as a charging station, water exchange station etc
  • Perform a Cleaning Task – the User can as sign a cleaning task which is defined by a cleaning area


The MAX Industrial Robotic Floor Cleaning Robot is capable of vacuuming , scrubbing and squeegeeing hard floors.

  • Front Vacuum System – Collect dust, hair etc before the scrubber
  • Double Disc (Dual Brush) – Cleaning width 60cm
  • Concentric Circle Squeegee System – Avoid dirty water spilling out
  • Water Tank System – Separate solution and recovery tanks

Compared to a traditional mop, the MAX robot can save users up to 82% water usage.

Safety Protection Sensors

MAX has 9 sets of sensors and can avoid people, animals and other obstacles. These sensors create a safe environment while people work or interact with the robot.

MAX uses a range of sensors to detect its environment and ensure it can avoid obstacles including people. MAX uses:

  • LIDAR sensors
  • Infrared sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • 3D Vision system
  • Pressure sensor bump stop